Taking Videos

  1. 1.Touch the “+” button on the Videos screen.

  2. 2.Touch either “Record” button to start recording.  The “Record” button will change to “Stop” and the
    will start to slowly blink.
  3. 3.When you are done either touch the “Stop” button or the “Cancel” button.  Touching Stop will save the video to the iPad’s camera roll and link it to the client.  Touching “Cancel” will discard the video.  In either case you will be returned to the “Videos screen”.


Steps for Picture taking

General Discussion

Using ePete to take videos.  using epete to take videos is essentially the same as using the the iPad camera app.

ePete differences from the iPad camera include:

  1. 1.Only uses portrait mode

  2. 2.More limited controls, ePete always uses the best possible video quality.

Start tutorial playing here.