Client Visit

Client name

Visit Title

Touch to set/edit title.

Open Picture Taking screen.

Open Picture Analysis screen.

Access to

Menu Building which includes:

all ecises
epete expert system

condition menus.

Shows current number of ecises in the menu.

Access to Visit Review

Shows all notes and ecises for the visit.  You can modify the ecises from this screen.

Return to the
Visit& Schedule screen.

Client picture.

Take Client picture.

Create/Modify Pains associated with this visit.

Number of pains entered for this visit

Access to the Posture (Sticky) screen.

Indicates which postures have been entered. 

Color coded to help you remember to enter the posture.

Problems & Solutions

  1. 1.ePete shows more than 4 images present.
    This happens when more than 4 images have been uploaded from the desktop system.  It is no longer possible to do this on the iPad version.  The “extra” images were actually deleted but the count remains. 

  2. 2.No Pains/Posture/Ecises are selected.
    This is not a problem it is the normal starting state for a new visit.  The warnings are there to remind you about what needs to be finished.

  3. 3.The client picture is empty.
    You may have forgotten to take the client picture when you first entered the client.  That’s okay.  You can do it from here now.