Client Visit History & Scheduling

Go to “Client Info” screen

Client name

Go to “Client List” screen

Touching a past visit will show that visits menu in the Visit Ecises area.

Schedule shows:

Past Visits with White background

Current Visit with green background

Scheduled appts with a blue background

and Suggested appts on a white background

You may scroll to the right left by dragging a finger across the schedule area.

Go to “Visit Control”

screen and create a new visit.

Shows the current menu as highlighted in green on the Schedule

Delete” will delete the visit.  You will need to update the server for the visit on the server to be deleted.

Print” You may print this menu from here.

MailPDF” You may email a PDF of this menu from here.  The PDF will contain links to the Egoscue website for ecise descriptions including videos.

Review” will allow you to access all of the Visit information and edit if.

Add Appt to Schedule” will open the dialog shown below.

This  dialog allows you to enter a date and time for the appt.  If you then decide to schedule the appt, a Calendar provided dialog appears as shown below.

Once data entry is complete the appt will be shown in both epete and the iPad Calendar app.

Problems & Solutions

  1. 1.I want to schedule two appts at the same time and I’m getting a warning.
    Its just a warning you can still schedule it.  Anything you can normally do in the Calendar app you can do through ePete..