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Limb “Handle”, turns white when selected

Breakable limb joints
notice the ( ) surrounding the joint.  A long touch on the joint will break/join it.

Left right weight loading.

left and right foot back/forward loading is shown on the side sticky.

Swipe up from these to exchange with the Sticky in the adjustment area.

Reset Sticky” return the current sticky to initial conditions. 
Be careful there is no undo.

Adjust strength of client.  This may influence the ePete generated menu.

Swipe any image toward main area to replace background image.

Background image from client photos.  The image can be:

scaled : pinch gesture rotated : twist gesture

or moved :drag gesture

using two fingers.

Swipe from right edge will move directly to Menu Building Screen.

Swipe from right edge will move directly to Pain Screen.

Problems & Solutions

  1. 1.Limb handle does not move.
    Be sure that the handle turns white when you touch it and that you drag far enough away from the handle.  Remember movement does not start immediately, rather it waits until you can actually see the handle you are moving.

  2. 2.Where is the “Ask ePete for a menu”
    This is now found on the MenuBuilder screen.

  3. 3.My client’s pictures are not showing up.
    Please check that you have taken them.

  4. 4.Can’t adjust the reference image.
    Remember this requires two finger touches.  Sometime you may find it easier to lift your fingers between adjusting scale, rotation and position..

    Contact the University for help.

  5. 5.Images changes are not saved.
    All adjustments are intended to be temporary and not saved.