Image Analysis

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Moves vertical reference line

Moves horizontal reference line

Table of measurements
note that the icon is color matched to the angle measured.

You may delete an angle by left swiping on the table measurement.

The image with the angles may be printed or emailed.

A grid may be overlaid on the image. 

Swipe up from these images to make measurements on them.  Each will have their own measurement set.

Touch to hide/show the overlays.

Tool palette. Drag a tool from here to make a measurement.

Problems & Solutions

  1. 1.Angle handle does not move.
    Be sure that you drag far enough away from the handle.  Remember movement does not start immediately, rather it waits until you can actually see the handle you are moving.

  2. 2.Angle appears on the table but not on the image.
    All of tool handles have been dragged off of the display area.  Delete the tool from the table and add another tool.