Menu Building

Return to Visit Control screen

Swipe from right edge will move directly to Posture Screen.

Select a condition menu.  After  “Ask epete for a Menu

has been used these will be color coded to indicate the expert system’s evaluation of the posture condition.  Green indicates the expert system’s recognized posture condition.  It is possible for multiple conditions to be present.

Touch “Ask epete for a Menu

to request an expert system menu and posture condition evaluation.  You MUST be connected to the internet for this work.

Client menu.  touch ecise to modify set/reps/duration or add a ecise specific note.

Touch “Edit” to delete or reorder ecises. Swipe left on an ecise will also allow deletion.

Swipe from Ecise table to add an ecise to the menu

Touch “Instructions” to add visit specific instructions.

Touch “Posture Notes” to add visit specific instructions.

Instructions and Posture Notes are displayed in these area.  They can NOT be edited here.  You must use the Instructions and Posture note buttons.

Touch “Print” to print the client’s cover sheet menu and ecise instructions.  Please see the FAQ regarding printing.

Touch “Mail PDF” to email the client’s cover sheet menu and ecise instructions.  Please see the FAQ regarding mailing.

A Long Press on any ecise will show a complete definition of the ecise.

As you type the list will scroll to the first occurrence of the letters typed.  Once you touch the search key on the keyboard the list will be reduced to only those entries that have the search value in their names.

The title of the list will show how matches were found.

Touch here

or in the search field to bring up the keyboard.

Problems & Solutions

  1. 1.Can’t find ecise
    Try entering part of the name and using the search button.

  2. 2.Can’t edit Notes.
    Remember to edit a note first touch the “Instructions” or “Posture Notes.