Check here to be sure you have the latest version of the software

Shows when you last logged into the Egoscue server.

Button to initial login..

Downloads all ecises and client data  from the Egoscue Servers.  Typically only used on the first start up.

Checks for any changes to ecises or other Egoscue supplied data.

Checks for any changes to client data.  Use this to sync client data between iPads,  when you have multiple therapists accessing the same account.

Transfer Progress bar.  A rotating wheel is shown when the completion time can’t be estimated.

Username and password entry. Use the remember button to store this information on your iPad.

Last time the data was sent from the iPad to the Egoscue servers

Shows how many visits

and clients

have been created or modified since the last upload. 

Uploads new data, both clients and visits, to the Egoscue Servers.   You may set a preference to automatically upload this data.

Problems & Solutions

  1. 1.Wrong username/password
    Sorry we were unable to locate your username and/or password
    This happens when the server cannot find any record of your username and password.  Usually this is because it was entered incorrectly. 

    Re-enter your username and password.

  2. 2.Wrong type of user
    Sorry this is a education account. Education users...
    Only University students with an active epete account (trial or real) have access to ePete.  Contact the University to enroll in the correct course.
    Sorry this account has been retired.
    When a subscriber closes their account they are “Retired”.  Sometimes this is done by the University if a payment problem has occurred.

    Contact the University for help.

  1. 3.Not connected to internet
    A network problem occurred
    Usually your internet connection has failed.  We suggest you test by attempting to connect to the egoscue web site. 

    Restore your internet connection and try again.

  2. 4.Wrong credentials for this account
    You have entered login credentials for a therapist from a different subscriber.
    This may occur when therapists move to different employers.

    Contact the University for help.

  3. 5.Unexpected Error
    Unusual login error.
    All other errors.  Please report this immediately.

    Contact the University for help.