Finding Clients

  1. 1.Go to the  Client List screen.

  2. 2.Select what your searching for:
    last name,
    first name,
    phone, or

  3. 3.Enter the search term in the sear area and touch search.

If the above fails use the “Advanced” option on the search bar to go to the Server Search screen.

  1. 1.Enter the name of the client.

  2. 2.Touch “Server Search for Client

  3. 3.Touch the correct client in the Search Results table.

  4. 4.Touch “Get Selected Client
    this will take you to the Client List table at the entry for the client you just found.

Steps for Finding Clients

General Discussion

Always start your search on the Client List screen. If you fail to find your clients there use the Server Search screen.

Start tutorial playing here.