Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1) What iPad do I need?

ePete will run on any iPad with a camera.  That is, any 2nd generation iPad or better.
As a general I would suggest that you purchase the newest iPad with the most memory you can afford.  Certainly not less than 32 GBytes  of memory.

If you will be using the iPad away from wifi networks purchase one with celluar capabilities.  These cost about $100 more, fortunately the data plans can be purchased one month at a time.

2) How many clients can I have?

ePete is capable of handling thousands of clients.  If you are transitioning from the desktop version 100 of you most recent clients will be downloaded to the iPad on initial startup.  You will be able to download any missing client one at a time..

3) How do my clients get their menus?

Clients receive their menus via eMail as PDF attachments to the eMail.  The eMail will contain the cover sheet and one page for each ecise in their menu.  The PDFs have links in them which will take the clients directly to the ecise instructions on the Egoscue website.

ePete also supports local printing of the menus and instructions.  You will need an Airprint compatible printer, or software that emulates an airprint printer.

4) Do I need the internet?

ePete has been designed to work without a connection to the internet for most operations.  You will need the internet for the following:

  1. 1)Logging on.  You must logon every two days.

  2. 2)Downloading data.  Usually this isonly required on initial startup.

  3. 3)Uploading data.  However you can wait until you have a connection to upload changes to your client data.

  4. 4)Asking ePete for a menu.

  5. 5)Searching the Server for a particular client.

  6. 6)eMailing a menu to a client.  The emails will wait until you have an active connection.

5) My client is missing?

There are many ways to search for you client using the Client List page.  However ePete only downloads a small (100) number of clients from the servers initially.  Youcan use the Server Search page to find clients that have not been downloaded.

6) Where is my data?

Your data is stored in two places on your iPad and on the Egoscue Servers.  In order for your data reach the Egoscue Serves you must Upload your data.  Upload is accessed on the Login page. 

Some data is only stored on your iPad.  iPad only data includes:

  1. 1)Pictures

  2. 2)Videos

  3. 3)Image analysis overlays

7) What are statistics for?

Statistics are there to help you understand your clients and how you are performing.  They also provide a quick check that youhave all of the Egoscue provided data.