Client Information

You may enter a client portrait here.  This portrait will be shown on the client list and in a few other screens.

Return to list of clients

Client Name, or “New Client Form” until client is saved.

Delete the client, a confirmation will be required.

General notes related to the client. 

Specific notes abut Pains, Posture and ecise instructions are entered during Visit creation.

Edit the selected note.

Add a new note.

Client email(s).

Check if the client wants to receive general information emails from you.  Menus and pictures will be emailed regardless of this setting.

Tap to enter client address.  This information will be used in future releases to generate mailings lists. Tapping will bring up the entry screen shown below

Touch the field to enter birthday using the screen shown below.  This information is used to calculate the age and may be used in subsequent releases for maintaining contact with clients.

Tap to show client visits or Add a new visit.

Tap to show client images from previous visits. 

Tap to show client videos from previous visits. 

This accesses the Egoscue servers and downloads the most recent data for this client.  Use this if you are in a multiuser environment and you think someone else has entered data for this client more recently than the last time you downloaded clients.

You can not damage anything by using this option.

This does require access to the internet to work

Problems & Solutions

  1. 1.I don’t have anything but the client’s name
    That’s ok, all data is optional.  You can return to this screen by touching the info button on the client List screen and enter the additional data when it becomes available.